Wednesday, 26 March 2014

White top for Mum

Another blog post on a top I sewed for my mum. This time I've used translucent fabric and added lining to it. (I kind of dislike using this fabric as it is very soft making it hard to handle) For the base and sleeves I used a rolled hem footer to make a neat finish instead of hemming it by hand as I usually do. 

My regret and mistake in this project is the use of blue tailor chalk as I had difficulty removing it after completing the project. I've tried soaking the top for a day, used stain remover, bleach, etc and the chalk just refuse to come off. T.T Do leave me a comment if you have any ways I could use to remove the chalk marks.

This is the roll hem footer I've used. 

The end result of using the roll hem footer is nice and neat! (I Like!)